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    I am getting an error SC392 on a Ricoh Aficio 220 after rebuilding the PCU with a new drum ,dev and blade. I made sure the Flag is in the vertical position and I even tried to set up the developer in service mode but I cannot clear the code.I would really appreciate it if someone can help

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    A few things to look for is make sure the developer roller and drum are actually turning (missing gear, teeth, etc...). Are any obstuctions blocking the developer from brushing the drum (I place paper between the drum and developer so I don't scratch the drum during *ssembly, if I forget to remove it - code). And make sure the connectors are secure.

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    I've had this code before and it ended up being the ID sensor. But since you did rebuild the drum unit i would double check everything in the unit because this is also the code that you get if you do not pull the toner seal when changing a unit with a factory one.

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    If you haven't solved this problem yet, try checking on the drum drive shaft on the main motor *ssembly. I have encounted this problem on the Aficio 2022 and i found the Drum was not rotating due to the stiffness of spring on the drum drive motor.

    The main motor *ssembly of both machines is based on the same principal but i'm not sure if they are exactly the same.

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    this is the laser error unit, when u reset or replace HDD, it'll be like that. so to clear this u go in to service mode and use SC2003 and 2004. Good luck

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