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    i have prob with my af2090.sc492 aways any one can help me. thank bro.....

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    SC492: Development Unit Suction Motor
    Definition [B]
    While the development unit toner suction motor is operating, the lock sensor output
    does not change for 1 s.
    Possible Causes
    Motor lock due to overload
    BCU defective

    Hope this is helpful

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    You toner tubes are plugged up and you need to replace air pump mylars. Best to replace both of them. Take off the back cover and side cover. Take out the dv unit. section every single one of the black hoses on both ends until they are freed up. Probably will have to kneed the toner out of them or just replace the hose. Make sure you get to every one of them because I have seen more than one plug up.

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