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Thread: MP C3500 - Scanning to windows 7

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    I am having extreme difficulty getting a Ricoh MP C 3500 to play nicely with a windows 7 system when it comes to scanning. I have recently connected a 2035e, and a 3030 with no difficulty. Incidentally I am referring to connecting it to my own laptop for testing, so it has worked in the past. I have successfully, and simply connected the 3500 to my XP system. I have tried everything I know, and lots of stuff I have just learned from suggestions, including upgrading my windows 7 system from "home premium" to "professional". I have been exchanging thoughts on "coytechnet" regarding this problem, and it would take forever to list all the things I've tried, so if you're so inclined. Following is the link to my discussion. and I would welcome any new thoughts that any of you may have about this. I can't understand why the newest machine I've tried has given me such difficulty....thanks in advance for anything you may offer.

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    Hello Sandmanmac,

    Software of your MP C3500 are up to date?

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    Have you tried setting up a scan folder on a different pc to see if it works? I recently had a problem scanning to a pc's scan folder and after repeated attempts I set up the folder on aother pc and it worked fine. Something was set up incorrectly on the first pc and no one was able to figure out what it was, including their IT people.

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    have you turned off simple file sharing in Win7 as this allows proper sharing of folders.Was not required in XP

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    Update NIB firmware to latest version to allow packet signing to be compatible with Windows 7, this is a must. Also, folders must use authentication with passwords in 7, sometimes in XP you could get away with just a user name. The folder must be fully shared (everyone,read/write). And of course check for Nortons or McAfee firewalls causing problems. Shut them off for troubleshooting or make exceptions.

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