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    MPC401 scan to email error

    I have updated firmware, formatted the HDD, tried a different HDD, replaced the controller PCB and memory, the maximum email size is set to off, there is a fax unit installed, bot not used or even connected to a phone line, but I continue to get an error of "Transmission has failed. Insufficient memory in the destination hard disk. To check the current status, press [Scanned Files Status]." when scanning to email. A different machine of the same model (MPC401) configured the same, works fine.

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    I initialized :

    Scanner Application SP 5801-9
    DCS (Delivery Control Service) setting SP 5801-14
    SRM (System Resource Manager) settings SP 5801-18
    SAF memory Fax SP5102

    Input mail server and admin address.

    Seems to be working now

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    The key words there are "destination hard disk" it is not the copiers space that is full, but the destination (server). We often see this when the machine is using a valid account and the space quota for that account is full of the sent items. Verify that your server is not keeping sent items for this account. Check the transfer logs on the server, this will give the exact cause.

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