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    MX-M350U - Error [936]: Scanning feature is not enabled
    Photocopying from the ADF is ok and cables are ok.
    Customer used to scan to email before this error.
    Anyone seen this problem before?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Sharp MX-M350U, just went thought the service manual didn't see you code can you re check ????

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    The suffix "U" means that the product (as initially built) was not able to communicate over a network. In order for the U version to scan the unit must be equipped with the print option and then must have the scan option installed. If these items have been installed they should have product keys entered in the admin screen. If the product key fields are blank the options have not been activated. Did the user have the main board replaced for any reason? Do they have a record of the product keys used to enable the features? When the key is issued the dealer that activated the codes gets an email with the record data (machine serial number, option serial number, product key.) Can the original dealer be contacted for this registration information?

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