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Thread: xerox 5825 error U4

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    I dont have a service manual for XEROX 5825. cam someone tell me what a the error code "U4" is. thank you.

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    U4 is fuser code. What is the sub code, ( press 0 or stop I think).

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    thank you.thermofuse is defective & replace it.
    way of reset?

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    Turn off copier. Hold 0 on keypad down while turning on. It will power up into diagnostics mode. Enter 20, start, 3, start, 0 start. try that , if I remember correctly that is how to reset fuser codes.

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    thanks.U4 do not reset.subcode is 6.

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    hi hold 0 button while powering up the machine the copier enter digonistics open the front cover enter 20 then 50 then enter 0 power off then on if it works ok,if it didnot work you to replace the white chip(Q2) in the ac driver pwb,

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    I don't have the book but I believe that is fuser web end of life error code.

    Reset is hold 0 while powering on
    10 start 65 start 0 start
    Replace web first.

    I once thought I might be wrong, However I was only mistaken.

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